• Karl Normak

WFSC Research Symposium

Digit-Soil presented a poster at the World Food System Center Symposium. A lot of industry leaders, researchers and students from a wide variety of fields were present.

Busy poster session

During the symposium and the poster session we met a lot of interested people. The pitching practise we had previously received from the Unbox was helpful to convince the critical audience of the validity of our idea. The discussions lead to interesting ideas requiring further investigation.

Intense discussions about the health of soil

Overall, The symposium was a great success, even if we didn't come out victorious this time. The other posters were of a very high quality and definitely learned a few tricks from them to make our posters stand out more the next time.

The Digit Soil poster

Thank you to the organisers who had gathered great research and thought provoking lectures.

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