We enable rapid and easy measurement of soil health, for better soil monitoring and food security around the world.



Healthy soils make healthy people and environment

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Our soils are a precious limited resource providing us with food, clean water and protection to our climate. The time has come to gather the data allowing us to protect and effectively manage our soil health in the long term.


How to keep our soils healthy? How to test the safety of new crop protection agents?

We provide you with the first reliable, portable sensor to get this information (soon!).

Measuring Soil Health


The gap in soil health research 

A quarter of the total surface of agricultural land is already highly degraded 

On the one hand, the long-term soil health gains importance. While on the other hand, there are currently no easy, fast, and reliable ways to assess the effects of soil management on soil health and, in particular, on soil biology.


How we fill this gap

At Digit Soil we focus on developing a portable, easy-to-use device measuring microbial activity in the soil. It will provide farmers, gardeners, and researchers with the immediate result of soil health in the field, garden, or natural locations


Does the soil matter to you?

We are interested in cooperation and happy to welcome researchers, companies and farmers interested in testing our products.


Hands in the Soil

We expect the first prototype to be ready for Spring 2021


Our expertise

We are a diverse team with a unique combination of skills from agriculture, chemistry, engineering, and business.  We have the knowledge and skills needed to develop a groundbreaking product to help protecting our soils.


Meet the team


Electrical engineer dedicated to enlighten start-up's prototypes, and passionate cyclist

Victor Luder

Picture Ricardo.jpg

Mechanical engineer with strong skills in design thinking.

Ricardo Stirniman


Coach in Business Innovation, can swim better than dolphins.

Sandro Leugger


The founder of Digit soil.

Biotechnologist, plant molecular biologist and soil scientist with love for Lindy Hop and Blues dance.

Dr. Sonia Meller


Mycorrhizae loving agricultural scientist ready to defend the future of the soils. 

Hélène Iven

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Brillant young chemist with great talent in drawing (soil related) cartoons. 

Karl Normak


Creative AI expert and electronics geek, never wears a tie.

Vít Růžička



Contact us at digitsoil.info@gmail.com

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