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Service for soil research projects & studies

Our soil measurement service

Our in-laboratory service for measuring the activities of 5 key soil enzymes all at once. We employ a novel proprietary patent-pending contact-based approach granting minimal soil disturbance, close-to-field conditions, and fast results.

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What we measure

Activities of hydrolytic extracellular soil enzymes - involved in many important soil processes such as nutrients cycling, carbon storage, and decomposition of soil pollutants. It is also very sensitive to soil anthropogenic management, which makes it a reliable soil health indicator.​
We measure the activities of the five following hydrolytic enzymes:


b-Glucosidase (GLS)




N-acetylglucosaminidase (NAG)




Phosphatase (P)


Organic phosphorus


b-Xylosidase (X)




Leucine aminopeptidase (LEU)




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Reactive carbon (permanganate oxidizable carbon, POXC) (Weil et. al 2003) is a fraction of the soil organic matter pool that is oxidizable in the presence of potassium permanganate in solution. Since this fraction is easily degradable, it is a proxy of the microbially available carbon sources, so the “food of the microorganisms”. It typically comprises about 1 to 4% of the total organic carbon in soil, and is in most cases highly correlated with total soil organic carbon.

Measurements coming soon

We are always working to provide you with more useful measurements. Contact us if you have recommendations.


Other hydrolytic enzymes  - such as arylsulphatase, protease, urease, etc.

Oxidative enzymes - such as peroxidase, oxydase, etc. 

Mineral nitrogen - ammonium and nitrate

Our competences & conducted research projects

Digit Soil prides itself in having a professional competence and experience with different soils from a wide range of origins from Africa to Europe and more. Digit Soil has provided its services to projects dealing with soils from different ecosystems and land-use (farmland, forest soils, permafrost, desert soil, tropical soils), as well as different treatments (drought level, irrigation regime, fertilizer application, fertilizer type, crop types).

Digit Soil is your partner for the measurement of the soils biological activity.

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Weil R.R., Islam K.R., Stine M.A., Gruver J.B., Samson-Liebig S.E. 2003. Estimating active carbon for soil quality assessment: A simplified method for laboratory and field use. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 18:3–17

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